The Hall of State at Fair Park

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Great Hall Diagram

The Great Hall

The central room of this T-shaped building is the Great Hall. On the far end of the Great Hall is a gold medallion, twelve feet in diameter. The five-pointed star, the symbol of Texas, is surrounded by six female figures, each representing the history of Texas under the flag of six nations. These nations are: the Union, the Republic of Texas, the Confederacy, Mexico, France, and Spain.

The ceiling features hand-stenciled designs of stylized animals representing the Southwest: a roadrunner with a snake in its bill, and an armadillo. The other two designs are abstractions representing the land and the sea. The columns of fossilized shellstone support the ceiling from which the ten chandeliers hang. Mosaic tile designs of various Texas animals (including an armadillo, a horned frog, a rattlesnake, a fish, a jackrabbit, an alligator, an eagle, a javalina, and a wild turkey) are inlaid on the marble floor.

The two three-story high murals were painted by Eugene Savage and depict Texas history from the 1500s through 1936. The mural on the north wall represents principal events in the history of Texas from European arrival to the founding of the Republic of Texas. The mural on the south wall covers Texas' settlement and economic developments. In both, large beams of silvery light symbolically divide separate changes of time and separate the various periods of Texas history.

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