Is a date available?

You can easily check available dates by using the reservation request form or by calling us at 214-421-0281.

Can you hold the date?

We will hold space for you as a courtesy on a tentative basis for up to ten days, or until another request for that date comes in.  When that happens, you will have 24 hours to confirm.

What's the deposit?

A $500.00 refundable security deposit for damages is required at time of booking.  This is separate from the rental fee, and checks will be cashed (or credit cards processed).  If all conditions are met and there are no damages, we will refund the $500.00 deposit 30 days after the event.

When are payments due?

One-half of the estimated building rental charge will be due 60 days prior to the event, with the balance due two weeks prior.  Charges for enhancements such as tables and chairs will become due the week prior.

How do I reserve space?

A ten-minute phone call will provide us with the information we need to process a rental agreement, which we will mail to you.

When do we talk about enhancements?

Should you decide to order any enhancement, call us at 214-421-0281, or e-mail your request.  We ask that you wait until a week or two prior to order tables and chairs.

How can I pay?

Check, MasterCard, Visa, or American Express.

What happens if I cancel?

You must give us written notice 90 days before the rental date to receive a refund of the security deposit and initial payment, less a $375.00 cancellation fee.  Cancellation after that  date will result in forfeiture of all payments.

Can I change my date?

If space is available, and the event is more than 5 months out, changes may be made.  However, a processing charge may be charged to your outstanding balance.

What about catering?

We have a list of thirteen diverse caterers who are our Preferred Marketing Partners.  They are members of the Dallas Historical Society which manages the Hall of State for the City of Dallas.  They follow our preservation guidelines, adhere to stringent catering rules and regulations, have required levels of liability insurance in force, offer variety at every price level, actively promote the Hall of State as preferred event venue, and have satisfied customers.  

Are their food and beverage minimums?

Yes.  Your total food and beverage expenditure for a Saturday night must be at least $5000.    For example, if you have 250 guests, you must spend $20 per person.  Minimums for any other times reduce to $1500.  These minimums are in addition to the rental fee

Can I bring in my own caterer?

Yes.  We offer customers freedom of choice.  You may use a caterer not shown on this list should you have a strong loyalty to them or have unique dietary or customary requirements.  If this is the case, the following requirements are necessary:  

1.  Caterer must carry a minimum of $1,000,000. commercial general liability listing the Dallas Historical Society additional insured and indemnify us against all liability.

2. Caterer must complete a training seminar and walk-thru no later than 45 days prior to the event date.

3.  Rental customer must pay a $1,500. administrative fee plus 15% of the total food and beverage billed.  These payments will be due 10 days in advance with certified funds, and are subject to audit.

Can I bring in my own alcohol?

Some caterers will allow this, but they must supply the TABC trained bartenders and setups.  Kegs of beer are not allowed.

Can I bring in my own tables and chairs?

We will provide tables and chairs at the same price as the major rental companies in Dallas.  We will set them up for free, and have them setup before your rental time starts.  We have experienced damage to our Kentucky marble floors from tables which we did not supply.  It is also critical that we handle the placement of tables and chairs in order to comply with existing fire codes.

Is Fair Park safe?

The entire 277-acre campus features security fencing.  Included in the rental is internal security to monitor building access.  Of course, we suggest additional exterior security.  Most customers use a mounted Dallas Police Officer which we will provide at a very reasonable cost.  Both the canine and mounted facilities for the Dallas Police Dept. are located nearby, so there is a certain level of police presence already in place.

What about parking?

Abundant free self-parking surface lots are close-in.  We provide valet service if desired.

What time can we start?

Anytime, except for Saturdays which are in high demand.  Since we are able to accommodate two weddings on Saturdays, rental time must end by 4:00pm or start after 6:00pm.  This means the last guest must leave by 4:00pm, or the first guest should arrive at about 8:00pm.  Between 4:00pm and 6:00pm, we must clean the room and reset it for the evening.  Caterers, florists, musicians, etc. arrive at 6:00pm and generally require two hours to setup.

How late can we stay?

Except for Saturday afternoons, as long as you wish.  We charge by the hour.

What about wheelchairs?

All public areas of the Hall of State are barrier-free.  Elevators move guests from floor to floor, and rest rooms are fully accessible.

Can we smoke?

Two loggia provide external space for smoking.

Any restrictions on decorations?

All areas are so ornate that little decor is needed.  However, since we are a national landmark, there are limitations.

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